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Lip Lift

If you are looking for a way to enhance your lips to achieve more fullness, you may believe fillers are your only option for getting the look you want. However, many patients get better results with a surgical lip lift than they do with dermal fillers. What is this unique procedure, and why are so many people discovering its benefits?

Benefits of a Lip Lift

During the aging process, our upper lip tends to lose volume as our skin becomes lax. A lip lift is a surgical procedure designed to help patients achieve a natural-looking overall facial appearance.

Plump, curvaceous lips are a hallmark of youth. An upper lift will increase the fullness of your lips and allow you to show more of your top teeth when you smile.

A lip lift procedure can improve the aesthetic appearance of your lips and smile in several ways:

  • Elevate the position of your lips
  • Increase fullness for plumper lips
  • Improve the outline of your mouth
  • Help you show off your smile by exposing more teeth
  • Bring balance and harmony to your facial features

What to Expect From Your Lip Lift Procedure

Dr. Yugueros performs lip lift surgery in the office under local anesthesia, and the procedure generally takes about an hour and a half. Dr. Yugueros will make an incision just beneath your nose, where the resulting scar will be virtually invisible. Removing a strip of skin in the shape of a “Cupid’s bow” (mimicking the curve of your upper lip), she will then raise your lip to its new position before closing the incision.

A lip lift is an outpatient procedure, so you can return home immediately afterward.

Lip Lift Recovery and Results

Swelling is the most common side effect of a lip lift, along with minor bruising and pain. You can manage any discomfort with prescription or over-the-counter pain medication. You’ll need to return to our office within a week of your procedure to have your stitches removed.

Many people feel healed enough to return to work within a few days after surgery, though you will need to carefully avoid using makeup on or around the incision site for a week to 10 days as you heal.

While you will notice some initial results immediately following your lip lift, the final appearance of your mouth will become clear about a month afterward, after the swelling is mostly gone. A lip lift transforms thin, flat lips into a fuller, more voluptuous pout. A lip lift is a long-term procedure, and most patients only need to have one in their lifetime.

Lip Lift FAQs

What are the most common concerns among people considering a facelift? Read on to learn more.

Q: What is the right age for a lip lift?

A: Thanks to advancements in surgical technology, there is no such thing as the “ideal age” for a lip lift. If you have naturally flat lips and have always wanted them to be fuller, you can get a lip lift even if you’re in your 20s.

Q: What’s the difference between a lip lift and lip fillers?

A: Lip fillers are an excellent option for many people, but if your lips naturally point downward or turn under, you will get better results with a lip lift. A lip lift surgically reshapes the lip, and unlike fillers, the results are permanent, so there’s no need for maintenance.

Q: Will I have a scar?

A: Because the goal of this procedure is to enhance your natural beauty, Dr. Yugueros practices a surgical technique designed to promote healing and minimize scarring.

Q: How long will it take to show results?

A: While you may see some improvement right away, the best results will begin to show after three to four weeks. You will be able to go about your normal activities without any obvious signs that you have had the procedure done. We will send you home with follow-up instructions that help reduce swelling and speed the healing process. You can look forward to seeing enhanced definition and a better facial balance for years after getting your lip lift surgery.

Q: Why does the procedure show improved results with time?

A: The primary reason you will continue to see improvements is the softening of the lips, skin, and tissues. Dr. Yugueros uses her surgical skills to promote healing, which means any scars remaining from your incisions will become virtually unnoticeable over time. Thanks to this minimal risk of scarring, there is no need to get additional treatments once your upper lip has had time to fully heal. A year after you have had your lip lift treatment, you’ll still be glowing with compliments about your beautifully defined lips.

Q: Can I combine my lip lift with other procedures?

A: Although a lip lift produces excellent, satisfying results on its own, many people find they can achieve even better outcomes when they combine a lip lift with other procedures, especially a facelift. While a facelift can dramatically improve the appearance of the lower portion of your face, especially your cheeks, chin, and jawline, your lips may still appear flattened and reveal your age. Adding a lip lift to your facelift can enhance your smile and improve the entire perioral area.

Q: Are there any risks of getting this procedure?

A: Every cosmetic surgery carries some degree of risk. With a lip lift, the most common risks include infection, fluid buildup and excessive scarring. You can significantly reduce your risks by only having a board-certified surgeon perform your treatment. Dr. Yugueros will take every precaution to uphold standards of patient safety and prevent any dangerous side effects.

Learn More About Your Lip Lift Options

If you would like to explore more about lip lift surgery in Atlanta, we invite you to reach out to us any time. Schedule your private consultation with Dr. Yugueros today, and she can help you make an informed decision on whether a lip lift is the best choice for your cosmetic concerns. As a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Yugueros brings her extensive surgical background to every procedure she performs, and she believes in taking a consultative approach to helping all her patients achieve their aesthetic goals.


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