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Rachel, Star Patient

“Facing increasing mobility issues that impacted my activity level, I had become afraid to keep trying to lose weight because I seemed to always gain it back with more. A physician recommended weight loss surgery to help me gain more permanent control over my weight, and I chose to undergo the Duodenal Switch (DS) in July of 2012. While it is a lifelong and sometimes difficult commitment to stay on top of labs through monitoring and vitamin supplementation, I wouldn’t trade my DS for anything. I’ve been able to maintain the loss of over 240 pounds and get to experience the freedom of knowing I will fit in the chairs at any public establishment I want to visit, of flying commercial airlines without having to pay for a second seat, and of buying clothes at the store without having to order special sizes. Learning to accept my body throughout the change process presented new challenges. The shape and structure of the body underneath the extra 200+ pounds did not always match what I had expected. Dr. Yugueros and Luna Plastic Surgery have helped me begin the reconstructive process of removing my loose skin to enhance and reveal the “me” underneath.” – Rachel
Robin Star Patient

Robin, Star Patient

“In December of 2010, I decided to have Gastric Bypass surgery. It was a big decision but it completely changed my life. In one of the meetings before surgery, I heard Dr. Yugueros speak at Johns Creek Hospital and saw her amazing work that had been done on gastric patients after major weight loss. It was then that I decided if I was successful with this weight loss I was going to see her help me afterward with the skin issues.
In October of 2013 I decided to see her and her wonderful staff. I was at about 140 pound weight loss at that point. In October of last year I had a tummy tuck and breast lift. Seven weeks later I had a neck lift and my arms done. I am now down 157 pounds and feel like a new person.
I will forever feel blessed to have met her and her wonderful staff. They make me feel like family. They are one of the most talented and caring Staff that I have ever dealt with. I have referred friends that feel the same way.
I will be forever grateful to Dr. Yugueros and Staff along with my family and friends that were so supportive during this journey. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.” – Robin