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Post Bariatric Surgery

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After undergoing weight loss surgery, patients have two main desires.  The first one is to lose weight in order to be healthier and carry the regular activities of their daily life.  The other one is to look thinner and be able to wear regular clothes and look good in them.  After the surgical procedure, patients have the energy to improve their physical activity.  The risks of developing illnesses related to obesity are significantly decreased.  However, many are puzzled that their bodies retain a heavy appearance, even when they reach their target weight.  Many patients are unaware that the first surgery alone does not provide them with a slim and contoured body.

In order to achieve the body contour they want, many choose to undergo post-Bariatric surgery with Dr. Yugueros.  She can remove excess skin that gives that thicker appearance to the waist, upper arms, thighs and neck.  Patients may also benefit from laser liposuction procedures that can remove stubborn fat pockets that remain once the individual’s weight has stabilized and help tighten the skin after weight loss.

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    Advantages of Plastic Surgery after Surgery to Lose Weight

    While losing weight after the initial surgery may improve the appearance of the patient, the body is not refined.  Many individuals continue to suffer from a poor body image, and find their clothing does not fit correctly due to the loose skin that now hangs from their slimmer frame.  Their years of morbid obesity can damage their skin by stretching it beyond its normal elasticity and the ability of the body to bring it back to the normal shape.  This leads many patients to subsequent surgeries after the initial procedure for cosmetic purposes.  Other patients may suffer from rashes, infections or hygienic problems due to the excess skin and choose the secondary procedures for both comfort and health. In addition to that, that extra skin could be really heavy and its removal leads to further weight loss, boosting the will of the patients to continue losing weight.

    Body Contouring Procedures after Initial Bariatric Surgery

    Dr Yugueros’ patients appreciate that she sees them as an individual and tailors the procedures to their own physical and aesthetic needs.  Most of the time, these patients will require more than one plastic surgery procedure.  The extent of the aesthetic changes that are needed will determine if the operations are conducted in a single or multiple surgical sessions.

    “How in the world do you thank someone for changing the way you look at yourself? You have given me back a confidence that I never thought I would have again. I view myself in a completely different way. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I didn’t feel beautiful before. You changed that for me and I will be forever grateful!”    patient

    Commonly performed plastic surgery procedures performed after surgery for bariatric or massive weight loss include (please see the section of Surgical Procedures of this website for a detailed explanation of each one of the following):

     Abdominoplasty Lower Body Lift

     Breast Lift

     Butt Lift


     Neck Lift

     Thigh Lift

     Upper Arm Lift

    Several of these operations are often combined into one surgery session; however, others may require two or more sessions to accomplish the sculpting needed to transform the body by removing the extra skin.

    Contact Dr. Yugueros for Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery

    Before undergoing any further surgery after the Bariatric procedure, the patient should wait until the body weight is stabilized and recovery from the initial procedure is complete.  Once the requirement is met, many patients are still unsatisfied with the look and feel of the body due to hanging skin.  These patients are good candidates for plastic surgery to remove the extra skin after the original weight loss.  In addition to additional skin, liposuction can be employed to remove pockets of fat that are not lost through diet and exercise after surgery.  Dr. Yugueros can discuss realistic goals to accomplish through post-bariatric surgery as well as both risks and benefits with patients.

    Why choosing Dr Yugueros?

    Dr Yugueros practices at Emory Johns Creek Hospital, which is the Institution with the higher number of Surgical Weight Loss (Bariatric) procedures in the entire State of Georgia. It is critical that these operations are performed in experienced Health Institutions by experienced Surgeons; this not only adds to the safety of the procedure but also to the best achievable results. By having a dedicated practice at Emory Johns Creek Hospital, Dr Yugueros has an extensive experience evaluating these patients and actually performing many post bariatric reconstructive operations. There is a specific section on this website dedicated to Before and After Pictures related to these operations. 

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    Your Post Bariatric Surgery will be performed by the Luna Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa team in Johns Creek.

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