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Buttock Augmentation

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With age many men and women find they lose volume in the buttocks. In addition, aging, heredity, and weight loss can cause the skin and muscles of the buttocks to soften and sag.

One of the most dramatic and fastest-growing plastic surgery procedures is a combination buttock lift and buttock augmentation to elevate the buttocks, sculpt them, and restore them to a youthful size and shape.

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For completely polished, balanced results, you can combine liposuction with a buttock lift and augmentation to remove love handles and contour your waist, hips, and thighs.

When combined with liposuction, buttock lift / buttock augmentation can help you look and feel confident in your clothing, especially pants and jeans!

Who is a candidate for buttock lift and buttock augmentation?

The best candidates for buttock lift are men and women who are in relatively good shape, except for loose and sagging skin on the buttocks as well as loss of volume in the buttocks that cannot be corrected with exercise.

Your Consultation for Buttock Lift

During your buttock lift and buttock augmentation consultation, Dr. Yugueros will discuss your desires, expectations, and concerns as well as limits and risks of the surgery. She will review your medical history and then carefully examine your overall shape, with consideration for your height and weight relative to your buttocks. Dr. Yugueros will recommend the best options to achieve the results you want.


  • Better fit in form-fitting clothing
  • Enhanced curves that complement your appearance
  • To lift and shape a naturally small or flat backside
  • To both sculpt other parts of the body through liposuction and achieve a rounder, firmer butt
  • Look younger and feel more confident

The Buttock Lift and Buttock Augmentation Procedure

Buttock augmentation / buttock lift involves collecting fat from one part of the body and transferring it to the buttocks.

Fat transfer can also be use to soften depressions from skin irregularities, including wrinkles and scars. Fat transfer on the face can be combined with other procedures such as face lift and eyelid surgery to correct wrinkles or depressions, including the lines that run from the base of the nose and extend to the corners of the mouth (the nasolabial folds).

The buttock lift and Buttock Augmentation is an out-patient procedure that requires anesthesia. The surgery usually takes about 3.5 hours.

Buttock Lift and Buttock Augmentation Recovery and Results

Dr. Yugueros will give you thorough instructions to help you recover from your surgery.

You can expect bruising, swelling, and some pain after surgery, but you can take oral prescription medications to manage any discomfort. If you have a buttock lift in combination with buttock augmentation, Dr. Yugueros will insert several drain tubes for a few days to prevent fluid from collecting around the incisions. You also will have light bandages and compression garments that apply pressure to the incisions and prevent excessive swelling. These garments also help your skin to adjust to its new contours.

Within a week, you should be able to return to most of your activities, including work, as long as your job is not strenuous. Within 2 weeks, you can resume most all of your previous activities.

Scars for buttock augmentation through the transfer of fat are minimal; however, the scars for a buttock lift are visible and fade somewhat over time.


What Does Buttock Augmentation Feel Like?

During recovery from butt augmentation, Atlanta patients report a bruised, firm feeling to the tissue. This is due to normal inflammation. After fat-grafting to the buttocks has healed and settled, your bottom will feel soft and just like natural tissue elsewhere on your body.

Because we use an autologous fat transfer (your real fat cells) and not synthetic butt injections, your results will feel just like you.

What Are the Risks of Buttock Implants?

With any surgery, anesthesia risks, infection, and bleeding are possible. However, fat grafting to enlarge the buttocks uses smaller incisions than implants and no synthetic material.

Comparatively, butt implants sometimes lead to implant rejection, poor wound healing, infection, seroma or hematoma, lasting numbness, or other skin sensation changes. Persistent discomfort and implant malposition are also possible. Large butt implants carry a higher rate of incision dehiscence (opening) and can shift in unexpected ways.

Choosing fat grafting to augment your buttocks means when it establishes healthy blood flow, it functions as your own tissue elsewhere- without risk of rejection or shifting position. The incisions used are also incredibly small, so they don’t bring the same scarring concerns as longer incisions.

How Long Does Fat Transfer to The Buttocks Last?

Butt and hip augmentation in Atlanta are a popular choice for lasting body contour improvement. There are temporary clothing and fitness-related fixes, however, injecting your living tissue to sculpt the shape you want is the long-term solution.

Most of your transferred fat will merge and establish itself with your existing tissue, so you can’t tell where the new cells are once healed. Your body will absorb a percentage of injected fat for up to 6 weeks while recovering. Rest assured, your plastic surgeon accounts for this normal shrinkage, and you’ll have plenty of healthy fat remaining.  Fat cells that survive are permanent. When you gain weight, they grow, and when you lose weight, they shrink.

Why choose Dr. Yugueros?

Dr. Yugueros is a board-certifiedplastic surgeon with extensive experience in buttock lift / buttock augmentation. Learn more about her surgical expertise, see her buttock lift / buttock augmentation befores and afters, and schedule a consultation today to find out how buttock lift and buttock augmentation can rejuvenate and beautifully sculpt your physique!


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