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FaceTite is a comprehensive face contouring solution and works on small areas of the body as well. It will help you achieve results like a facelift without surgery. It is a safe, effective and exciting treatment which offers you significant aesthetic improvements to your facial presence. FaceTite is powered by RFAL, providing superior internal and external lipolysis to remodel your underlying dermal tissues.

FaceTite has built-in safeguards including audible feedback, computer monitoring, and real-time measurements of skin temperature, impedance monitoring to ensure your safety.

FaceTite is Like an Instant FaceLift

The FaceTite treatment causes the skin to tighten instantly by as much as 40%. Your skin will feel and look better immediately although you will experience mild swelling for about a week. Your facial appearance will continue to improve as new collagen production will follow for three to six weeks.

FaceTite is Minimally Invasive

Your FaceTite treatment will provide skin tightening benefits with virtually no resulting scars. Your FaceTite technology is based on the same principles of BodyTite, using the same computer-controlled application of radiofrequency energy.

How FaceTite Works

Like BodyTite, FaceTite uses a special handheld device to deliver FRAL energy. An internal cannula is presented to focus energy to fat tissue in the trouble areas while leaving the adjacent tissue unaffected. The application is controlled to heat the target area precisely without any thermal injury to surrounding tissue. The FaceTite science is precise using a precision geometric handpiece with the external control center providing the exact amount of thermal buildup required.

The liquefied fat is removed immediately, making FaceTite a one-step solution providing treatment four times faster than other laser-assisted devices. You will experience substantial fat reduction and facial contouring improvement.


Who are the best candidates for a FaceTite procedure?

Dr. Yugueros will determine if the FaceTite treatment is a good fit for you. Patients who want the effects of a facelift without the risks and downtime of facial surgery are optimal candidates for FaceTite.

Does FaceTite require a general anesthesia?

No, both FaceTite and BodyTite can be done under local anesthesia with you going home the same day.

How long will FaceTite last?

FaceTite results will last up to about five years, much like a mini facelift, and from then on, your facial skin will age naturally. However, genetics and lifestyle do impact FaceTite results.

What facial areas can be improved with FaceTite?

Just about any area above the shoulders can be improved by FaceTite. Including:

  • Nose to mouth (Nasolabial folds)
  • Neck
  • Jowls
  • Cheeks
  • Forehead

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